Our Story

How did Frankie’s Smokehouse start out?

Well, the same way as every other smoking enthusiast
…with their first baby!

It was roughly 7 years before Frankie’s Smokehouse opened with its monstrous 8.5m long smoker (in Woolloongabba) that we too started on the Webber! Then as the experimenting grew, so did the various different smoking apparatuses.

Some time passed and baby Frankie was on the way, which meant a baby shower was needed, so what better way to host a baby shower than with some baby back ribs. Now what does a BBQ enthusiast, some planning and a hard sell to your wife (Jenny) give you? Introducing the first baby of the family, smoker no. 1, a custom built reverse flow offset 2m smoker. Jenny hats off to you, we still don’t know how you do it!

Fast forward a few cooks and a few years later and we arrive at smoker no. 2, where the business venture of Frankie’s Smokehouse begins! The 6.5m trailer smoker from the one and only Craig at Bullockhead Creek Smokers was built. Plans were being set, ideas were in progress and following a few meetings over dinner, Tristan managed to convince his sister Tamika to come on board as a partner. With it now only 6 weeks out from opening, there was a phone call following a visit to Craig that Jenny was convinced Tamika would shut down immediately, except that didn’t happen and you now have a start up business in the middle of COVID with not one but TWO smokers. Yes that’s right, hello smoker no. 3!

Presenting our one and only Frankenstein, an 8.5m long smoker perched on a small grass area in the depths of Woolloongabba on show for all to see. Literally. Many shook their heads in disbelief at our plans but if you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s a go big or go home attitude in this family!

We may have some crazy ideas, but, honestly, we love nothing more than feeding the masses and supporting local businesses. So come and join us for some smoked meats in the heart of Brisbane, because if the city views don’t get you, the smoker will!


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